About us


The Church Tech was founded by a bunch of music lovers who wanted to bring the most up-to-date and unbiased ratings and reviews regarding some of the top-notch musical instruments, tech, and gear that can be an asset to churches.

It can be a challenge to find unbiased reviews online as most of them are marketed by the actual companies manufacturing the products. After realizing that the most valuable reviews are the ones given by real users and customers of the product, we are here to offer you a genuine analysis of every product. By conducting thorough research and aggregating the findings, we put forward some of our valuable insights into the latest tech for church choir to our lovely readers.

Our primary goal is to review the most popular musical gear and instruments that are bound to upgrade your experience at the church. Through our research, we make sure that the instruments we review are field-tested to enlighten to about which products are worth your investment.

As music lovers, it is our duty to help you choose the right equipment that suits your specific musical needs at the church. With every review we post on our website, we aim to bring forward the most in-depth analysis keeping accuracy and the latest trends in mind.

Our only hope is that you find our research useful in helping you select the best equipment for your church. Follow us on social media for similar updates!